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Please read everything in this description! This item cannot be returned once it has been used or modified.

3D printed bell siphon with optional funnel cup and window:

  • The siphon is designed for media beds where the maximum water level would be 9" (or 7" for small version). The stand pipe can be adjusted about 2" for different water levels. For greater water depth the standpipe should be cut higher and the bell with hang properly on the standpipe but the bed will retain more water when fully drained.
  • The funnel is designed to fit on a 3/4" PVC standpipe (not included). The outside diameter of your standpipe will measure approximately 1".
  • This is a 3D printed part and may leak air or water. It is strongly recommended to spray-coat the entire bell with an enamel paint. Allow the enamel to cure for at least 24 hours before using. This is printed with PLA plastic. The funnel does not need to be coated. As an option we can seal the bell for you. PLA is a plant-based plastic and may degrade over time.
  • The optional top window is not attached. You are responsible for properly adhering the window to the bell siphon. (We recommend GE Silicone II available at most hardware stores) Allow silicone to cure for at least 24 hours before using. As an option, we can attach the window for you.
  • The siphon will tightly fit in a 4" gravel guard if the guard is carefully placed around the drain. We strongly recommend using a 6" gravel guard.
  • We have made our best effort to design this siphon to operate in most conditions. If the siphon doesn't start, try adding a 90 degree elbow under the grow bed (or a U-trap) or increase the water supply flow. If the siphon doesn't stop, try reducing the water supply flow.


  • This is a 3D printed product so it doesn't look perfect but it's functional! Printed with PLA plastic.
  • These are printed to-order so please allow a few days for delivery

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